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Feedback from Customers

We are proud to work with such great students and entrepreneurs from all around the world. We are glad to hear their comments on the services and writing job we do for each of them day by day.

Ian Pope, the United States

PowerPoint Presentation, 10 pages, 24 hours, Freshman

One slide PP presentation of 10 minutes duration. How should or might I know how to do it? I`m not an IT, and I guess 10 pages for 10 minutes option is also ok. My pro didn`t agree. Want to thank your team again, for the understanding and support from your side. Oh, and the nice price.

Oct 05, 17

Stewart, the US

Thesis, 6 pages, 4 days, Ph.D.

I want to thank to my writer. He managed to complete 6 pages of Ph.D. in 4 days, provide the annexes, and include the pro-made bibliography. My professor was fully satisfied with that paper. And I am more than just satisfied with the grade from my happy professor.

Sep 16, 17

Dylan, the United States

Reaction paper, 1 page, 6 hours, Sophomore

How to write a positive reaction on something you actually hate? Ask someone else to write it for you. The guy from this resource saved me a bunch of nerves in exchange for money. I`m grateful and happy, and I bet he`s the same way.

Sep 12, 17

Andie, the United States

Personal statement, 2 pages, 24 hours, Sophomore

I am not good at math, and frankly speaking, had no idea whether the paper is good or bad when uploaded it )))) But I got A+ ! And all because of the super help from Green. You have an excellent team! Thank you so much for being helpful!

Aug 25, 17

James Tereo, the US

Essay, 7 pages, 4 days, Sophomore

I am on a fixed income, that’s why the price was pretty important for me. Your prices looked cheap, and website- reliable, that was the reason I paid you money for my order. I have no regret - you wrote a perfect essay.

Jul 23, 17

Tory, the United States

Math homework, 2 pages, 48 hours, High school

Drawings and calculations were okay, more than okay I would say. Nice thing was with the price as well. I`m not sure about the introductory page for which I also paid... But in general, I received the grade I wanted, so I`m happy.

Jul 17, 17
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Samples of Writing We Do

Choosing a place where you can get an excellent dissertation and thesis can turn into a daunting task. For your assurance and understanding of the future job to be done, we propose to get to know the samples our specialists at Green Essay write.

Literary Response Paper for the story The Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman 53.43 kB
  • Type Article critique
  • Level Sophomore (College 2nd year)
  • Pages 2
  • Subject Literature
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The HR Plans 53.47 kB
  • Type Coursework
  • Level Senior (College 4th year)
  • Pages 4
  • Subject Management
View sample
Business Plan Planning 131.69 kB
  • Type Coursework
  • Level Junior (College 3rd year)
  • Pages 8
  • Subject Business
View sample
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Popular Questions

Clients often ask us about some of the goal features we have. Interested? Keep reading!
  • Services We Propose for Dissertations

    Here it is, the project you call Oh that dissertation. Of course, you have never produced a dissertation before, so everything about it will be new. And, like most dissertation writers, you may need some help. And that’s why we’re here.

    Let’s take a look at the process of production and the key elements of each chapter.

    1. Topic/Research Question

    It all begins with this. You have a topic that interests you, but you must now narrow that down to a question that is worthy of research. Usually, some initial research in the topic area will point to some more specific research areas. Your advisor can be of some help here as well. But don’t let that advisor talk you into a research project that doesn’t excite you. If you aren’t excited, the entire project will be drudgery.

    1. The Proposal

    You can’t really start your research until your committee has approved it. And that is the purpose of that proposal. According to your department’s guidelines, the proposal will follow a sequence of sections, but all proposals have certain basic parts – a statement of the question, a summary of preliminary research that justifies the research you are proposing, an explanation of your research design and how you plan to implement it, any instruments that you have already devised or will be using, and how you will analyze the results to show significance. Finally, you will need to provide a schedule for completion.

    It is common for proposals not to be approved the first time. Committee members will want you to add or change some things. If you are struggling with the proposal, we can give you a Ph.D. researcher in your field to help.

    1. The 4-5 Chapters You Will Be Producing

  • Depending upon your institution, dissertations are divided into 4 or 5 chapters
    1. The Introduction: This chapter is best left until last. When you do finally write it, however, you will need to give your reader a solid explanation of the research question and project you have undertaken. You want to pique enough interest but not give away the results. This chapter can be a bit less formal than the others, but still must be written in a scholarly tone.

    2. The Literature Review: This is the chapter that most students dislike the most. It’s like writing a big research paper, summarizing what other researchers have done and concluded. It does have to be soundly organized, though, and this is where you may want to get some help. You don’t want to leave out any critical piece of research, and you certainly don’t want to include any that is irrelevant. A Ph.D. researcher in your field who works with this research all the time can see to it that you have included all of the most current and relevant research.

    3. The Methodology: This chapter is really the “meat” of your work. Here, you first explain your research design and the instruments you have used. You also describe the actual project and provide the data you gathered. This data must be clearly and carefully recorded and presented to the reader – charts and graphs are typical, but an explanation in text is also required. You can provide your Green Essay PH.D. consultant with your data and get a write up that will be scholarly and academically sound.

    4. The Analysis: This is where you prove a statistical significance from your research. It will require use of specific statistics formulae, based upon the data you gathered. Although technology can now crunch those numbers for you, lots of students struggle with choosing the appropriate formulae and plugging those numbers in correctly. We have Ph.D. statisticians who can do that all for you.

    The Conclusion: Have you answered your research question? This is the beginning of your final chapter. But there is more to it than that. For any piece of research, there are always constraints and, often, nuisance factors that impact what you did. And, for future researchers, in what directions would you point for additional study? The biggest issue with the conclusion is usually organization, but that is not an issue when you use a Green Essay scholar to help you write it.

  • How Green Essay Can Help You

    Every dissertation student gets frustrated, angry, and burned out. And every dissertation has unique struggles. When you come to Green Essay, you will receive the following:

    1. A personally-assigned Ph.D. in your field, who can give you as little or as much help as you need – totally customized to your specific struggles.

    2. Complete confidentiality in the use of our service. No one will know that you have sought our help.

    3. Fully original research and writing.

    4. Progressive payment arrangements – a pay-as-you-go system, as each part of your project is completed.

    5. The right to approve of every part of what you receive and to ask for any revision you want – for free.

    Get the professional and customized help you need. Green Essay will give you a Ph.D. in your field who will get you through every step of the way. You can get this done!

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