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Lucy, the United States

Lab report, 11 pages, 48 hours, Freshman

I found the lab report to be severely problematic, Can you imagine, I couldn`t even take a look at it on my own without starting crying! To be honest, I would have paid even the double price if it were needed for the task to be ready. Thank you my lifesaving seervice.

Mar 12, 18

Taylor, the United States

Research paper, 5 pages, 8 days, Senior

My professors demanded that everything be turned in promptly. What a life-saver green essay turned to be. They allowed me to see my family without worrying about my grades suffering. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

Mar 02, 18

Sandra, the United States

Dissertation, 4 pages, 48 hours, Senior

Had no idea about what to write, how to write, nor even the format of the paper. If weren`t for on my severe road of mistakes, I wouldn`t graduate. I`m thankful and I hope you know it. Will 100% tell my friends about you.

Feb 03, 18

Lisa Lodi, the United States

Essay, 30 pages, 14 days, Sophomore

I figured I wouldn’t be able to get out of it with anything less than a low mark. That’s before I found Green Essay. This site helped me through the semester and allowed me to keep working, and now my entire tuition balance is paid off. I can’t thank you guys enough!

Oct 13, 17

Dylan, the United States

Reaction paper, 1 page, 6 hours, Sophomore

How to write a positive reaction on something you actually hate? Ask someone else to write it for you. The guy from this resource saved me a bunch of nerves in exchange for money. I`m grateful and happy, and I bet he`s the same way.

Sep 12, 17

Rendy, the United States

Essay, 6 pages, 24 hours, High school

Only the background info was ready. Due to some obstacles at home, I had no chance to finish the writing on my own. Super happy for this company being my light in the darkness. Many-many-many thanks to you for my argumentative essay)))))

Dec 26, 17
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Choosing a place where you can get an excellent admission writing help can turn into a daunting task. For your assurance and understanding of the future job to be done, we propose to get to know the samples our specialists at Green Essay write.

Challenges Facing And Their Interventions 37.00 kB
  • Type Case study
  • Level Junior (College 3rd year)
  • Pages 3
  • Subject Public relations
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Job Analysis, Staffing, EEO, Diversity 59.93 kB
  • Type Research summary
  • Level Junior (College 3rd year)
  • Pages 4
  • Subject Management
View sample
Emergency Proposal Plan 35.38 kB
  • Type Essay
  • Level Freshman (College 1st year)
  • Pages 2
  • Subject Political Science
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Popular Questions

Clients often ask us about some of the goal features we have. Interested? Keep reading!
  • The Key Points of Successful Scholarship

    It’s really true! Scholarships are available for an astonishing number of things. Of course, there are scholarships for athletes and academic scholars. There are even scholarships available if you plan to go into certain fields, if one of your parents is a member of a fellowship or other organization, or if you participate in certain hobbies or activities. In your local community, banks, insurance companies, churches, grocery stores, and other organizations often have scholarship funds.

    The key is finding ones for which you qualify. Then, you have to prove that you are more deserving than the other applicants to earn those funds. Some scholarships award based on school records. Others are first to come first serve. Many require that you complete an essay. Similar to a college admissions essay, this is where you will share your thoughts, goals, accomplishments, and values. Your goal is to prove that you are worthy of receiving the funds and that you will act in ways that reflect positively on the group funding the scholarship.

    Sometimes, there can be quite a bit of money on the line. A scholarship can range from enough money to cover some extra expenses to funding an entire education. Getting it right is key. Take some time to learn about the scholarships that are available to you. Then bookmark the following guide. You can use this a reference when you write your next scholarship essay.

  • First Steps to Take When Completing Your Admission

     ​​​​​​Research The Scholarship Organization

    First, research the scholarship organization. Are they reputable? Do they stand for things that match your values? How long have they been offering this scholarship? You are better off applying for scholarships with organizations that you trust. By understanding their values, you can also better understand what they are looking for.

    Verify That You Qualify And Are Willing to Abide by The Guidelines

    Now, make sure you qualify. There’s no sense applying for a scholarship for STEM majors attending a state university if you plan on going to a private school. Next, make sure that you are willing and able to abide by any conditions. For example, a scholarship might have a morals clause or require you to do community service.

    Learn About Past Winners

    Most organizations are proud to share information on past winners. Learn as much as possible. What were past winners like? What activities did they participate in? How were their grades? What did they study? Most importantly, what values and personal characteristics do they represent? You don’t want to copy anyone, but don’t be afraid to use past winners as inspiration.

    Read All of The Application Material Thoroughly

    Many organizations provide applicants with very detailed instructions. For example, you may be asked to use a certain font, to submit your essay as a specific document type, to email it instead of uploading it, etc. This may not seem important to you, but your ability to follow instructions is key. Assume there is a good reason for every directive. Then comply with it.

  • The Time to Pick a Topic and Start the Outline

    Your topic may be chosen for you, or you may be able to select your own. In some cases, you may be given some guidelines, but allowed some leeway within those. The idea is to approach the topic in a way that is creative but also adheres to expectations.

    Create an Outline or Storyboard

    To keep your essay organized and on track, consider building a storyboard or creating an outline. This is great for keeping your thoughts straight.

    Write Your Rough Draft

    From your outline will come your rough draft. Don’t stress too much. Be genuine. Tell an interesting story. Share your values. Demonstrate your passions. In other words, whatever it takes to communicate a sincere but direct message.

    Read it to Someone Who You Trust

    This is the perfect time to grab someone you know to listen to your scholarship essay. They will tell you if anything seems exaggerated or insincere. They can also suggest additions.

    Edit to Create The Final Draft

    Now, apply your edits and fix any mistakes. Your final draft is now ready.

    Double Check The Instructions And Requirements

    It is time to submit your essay. Before you do, spend a few moments double checking them again. Remember that once your scholarship essay is submitted, there is no going back.

  • What is The Most Important to Think About When Writing an Admission?
    • Being honest is key, but you don’t need to share everything
    • Be kind to readers. Choose a font that is easy on the eyes
    • Remember that you don’t win if you don’t apply
    • Start applying early. This is key!
    • Get advice from others, it might benefit your future work
    • Make sure you and the scholarship organization are a good fit
    • Learn how funds are distributed among the contestants
  • Mistakes You Should Avoid
    • Failing to follow application instructions
    • Wasting your time applying when you don’t qualify
    • Being too broad in your writing
    • Forgetting to ensure the scholarship money can be applied at your school of choice
    • Waiting until the last minute to write/send your admission
    • Using writing that is too stiff and formal, or even slang
    • Ignoring spelling and grammar rules. You aren’t being graded but small issues can mean the difference between earning scholarship money and being rejected

Any doubts? Let us help you!